As we all know, cytomegalovirus is a very common virus that exist for a very time. Until now, people are asking:”Is there a cure?” or “Can it be treated?”. Of course there are anti-viral drugs that works on this virus but as of now, there are still no vaccines available for cytomegalovirus.

Drugs Are Forbidden Sign

According to microbiologist Charles Rinaldo, a lot of push was done to get a CMV vaccine but it is very tough as nothing seems to be doing the job. Richard Beigi, chief medical officer at Magree Womens Hospital of UMPC, said that CMV infection receives disproportionately low attention and resources. General public officials are also reluctant to do mass testings unless there are interventions.

Even after so many years, a vaccine is still not found for CMV. IS there a possibility that there will never be a vaccine for CMV? Or will the years of study help develop the first vaccine against CMV? We can only wait to find out


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